Monday, January 30, 2012

Kim Kardashian, holier than thou

Howard Simmons for New York Daily News, edited by yours truly
Gasp! Kim Kardashian has announced her plans to start a bible study group. As if this woman wasn't exhausting herself enough with her good deeds, she has decided to lead other women on a righteous path. This comes on the heels of the buzz surrounding her mother's I Love My Friends music video from the 1980's where her alleged "baby daddy", Alex Roldan, worked as a hair stylist. In the video, while trying to hold a note, Kris Jenner mentions her going to bible study with her close friends, whom she by the way, loves.

Not to mention Kim's recent plea for the heart of a certain virgin athlete Tim Tebow who has been the news for his religious fanaticism and recent success on the field. Sources are reporting that Kim feels that Tebow could be her ticket to a new image. Tim has politely declined this serial-bride's advances citing her inordinately prurient past and carrier choices.

Something has apparently gotten into Kim, or at least her marketing team, who have decided to play the virtuous family card. Kim's obvious track sheet as being a promiscuous woman who would disrobe for a photoshoot if the price is right is not the issue here. The problem is that she feels that she is beyond reproach. Since she is Kim K. no one should apparently look at her sideways as the hypocrite she is for deciding to suddenly play Mother Theresa, now that her show's season finale is around the corner.

I am sure it will be a growing experience for all involved, including the bible study's founder Kardashian. Yes, Kim will take you through such books as Numbers, detailing the amount of children she could have fed with each designer bag. The book of Job teaching that having one isn't important as long as you have a great surgically enhanced ass. The book of Songs will be a treat for the group as she will relentlessly try to plug her failed dance song of 2011 titled Jam (Turn It Up). Last but not least, let's not forget Chronicles, where she takes us through her life's story of heartache, million dollar mansions and jet-setting.

I am sure they'll learn a lot.

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