Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dripping in Fabulous: Nicole Richie

This week's dripping in fabulous is: Nicole Richie.

Drink her in at an event for NBCUniversal in Pasadena, CA.

Scoring high on simplicity, confidence and alluring to boot.
Playing down everything from the necklace and earrings to nude pumps.

It's all melding into one. You almost can't detect her, and yet at the same time it's impossible not to notice.

One question, where can I get those leggings? Antonio Berardi, call me!

Haute Meal: Couture Breakfast

Breakfast just got a little classier.
You better look presentable before even thinking about diving into the fashion world's latest attempt at highway robbery: The glam foodie blog, Sip, Chat, Chow's
Couture Cereal.
There are a lot of brands to choose from. You've got
Burberry Flakes, Cartier Crunch, Gucci Loops, Chanel Cocos and Louis Vuitton Charms.

First Versace turns to H&M for help and now this.

Sip, Chat, Chow's New York restaurant selections seem to have menus to fit all wallets and schedules, serving around the clock, with many celebrity guests.
No need to stray far though. Anyone can create these delectible treats. Just take an already tasty cereal, eyelash-glue a fancy label on the box and voila!
I have to admit though, they're kinda cute. 

New Collectors' Item: You betcha
Probable difference in taste: 0
Coming to a store near you: Don't hold your breath

Elin Nordegren: Home wrecker

Home wrecker
After Elin Nordegren's public split from a cheating Tiger Woods, she was being followed everywhere.
If anyone remembers, she quickly purchased a $12 million dollar mansion in Florida and immediately whisked her babies away to live in her native Sweden. She settled for a reported $100 million dollars with her pro-golfer husband and recently, this nanny turned millionaire, had the mansion bulldozed.

Why? Because she can. Or even sweeter, because it's on Tiger's dime. It must have felt exhilarating to listen to the wood break, the glass crash and brick crumble at her feet. I can't think of a better way to rub it in your ex's face. We might key a car or two on our level, but this is a MEGA RICH woman scorned so we can't expect anything less. What an inspiration for women everywhere.

All I have to say is:
Payback: Sweeter than honey
Do it because you can: But of course
Best break up move ever: Untoppable


We've now heard it all. Carlashes! Quote:"Decorative Fashion Accessory". Normally reserved for women and drag queens to torture themselves with, now your cars can join in on the fun too. Eyelashes for your car, available at Amazon no less, are a decorative solution for those tired, droopy looking headlights.

I'm sure it would cost more to ship these than they're worth in time and money.

Value: 4/5
Ridiculousness: 5/5
Eyecatching: 5/5

Neat tip: Try old motor oil as a mascara substitute!
Tools needed: Paint brush and annual pass to Disney World.

Some kinda infomercial below:   

Friday, January 6, 2012

Angelina Jolie Look-alike

People are raving over the new Spanish Angelina Jolie look-alike. While there is a slight resemblance, I don't think it's really worth all the fuss.
'Lina Lately
First off, Angelina is still with us, so there is no need to start rigging up any Las Vegas shows on the same ticket as Elvis.
Secondly, it's a tiny stretch of the imagination to think that the frail skeletal figure we have come to know as Angelina Jolie can hold a candle to this vibrant and youthful seƱorita.
Grasping at straws: 5/5
Possible career in it for the look-alike: If at all, short lived
Worth the fuss: Not at all

Louis Vuitton Trash Bag

Marc Jacobs took it upon himself to to widen Louis Vuitton's profit margin to unimaginable proportions by designing for Louis Vuitton's richest and most exclusivity seeking customers their very own shoulder trash bag.

Costing an unconscionable £1,280 (1,960 USD) these bags are sure to make any well-heeled socialite transform into a bag lady right before your very eyes. And the best part of all is that they are so expensive that most of us will never have to experience such a travesty.

Design: 1/5
Value: 0/5
Audacity: 5/5

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Xsparkage (over 320,000 subscribers)
Diversity: 4/5
Helpfulness: 4/5
Fierceness: 4/5

She always delivers sultry and complementary makeup looks. She's easy to follow in her tutorials and there is no shortage of looks to choose from.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

FHM: Paris Hilton

Looking like a stray from the Red Light District at 4am, Ms. Hilton has, according to her, garnered over $1 billion in revenue from her perfume line alone since 2005. Paris Hilton's latest undertaking is scoring the cover of FHM.

The granddaughter of a hotel tycoon, the fame craving Paris Hilton is once again showing us what we never asked to see.

No, not another mind-numbing reality show. She is stripping down and showing us her respectable, business woman side in the latest issue of the magazine.

With plans to open restaurants, gyms, bars and adding to her 35 stores, it seems slightly off that a woman like her might not even be considered appropriate enough to bus the tables on a slow Tuesday at her own establishment.

Sex-appeal: 1/5
Business sense: 3/5
Making her family proud: 1/5

Glamour: Beyonce

Beyonce will grace the pages of Glamour Paris in February with a noticeably tiny waist line.
There is no doubt that this R&B renegade can squeeze her awesome frame into the tiniest of tiny dresses, but this far along in her pregnancy it's highly unlikely that these pictures were taken recently.

If you're selling a magazine, you want to give the readers the impression that you're giving them the latest scoop and most exclusive photos.

Beyonce is no stranger to a bit of photoshopping as has been made clear by her many appearances on Photoshop disasters. I would dare to say that this picture might have in fact been a case of copying Beyonce's head onto another woman's body. If it's true, she would be joining the likes of Mariah Carey, Britney Spears and just about any Vogue fashion model.

One thing I do know though, is that that dress is one of the sickest I've seen. We need to hunt that designer down for our own couture  pieces.

2011 Housewife of the Year

We would love to crown Lisa Vanderpump as housewife of the year 2011. She made those doped up Beverly Hills wives worth watching, and what's more, she did it with an air of class. Her entrepreneurial skills are still flourishing as she built out her restaurant in Los Angeles, Sur, alongside her husband of more than 30 years, Ken. She is also looking forward to the wedding of her only daughter, Pandora. We hope to see her and her little Giggy on seasons to come. Pay her whatever she asks Bravo, she's worth it!

Entertainment value: Through the roof
Elegance: Unquestionable


BigHairBiggerLashes (about 25,000 subscribers)

Zombie: 4/5
Helpful: 4/5
Diversity: 4/5

While she's not creeping you out and staring into your very soul with her zombie-like aura Liz does a great job at providing her viewers with an all-around beauty channel. From hair to makeup and nails, she covers a lot of topics and goes step by step in her tutorials. Once you get past her slow speech and barely there enthusiasm, you can learn a lot of neat things from her.

Coastal Scents Concealer

Coastal Scents Eclipse Concealer Palette is a must for an early day at work after a late night out. This palette is sure to hide all the dark circles and blotchy areas before applying your foundation. The green shade is perfect for canceling out red imperfections on the skin and other shades can be used for either highlighting or contouring all in one palette. These will run you about 14 bucks (click pic for latest price).

Universality: 4/5
Great value: 4/5
Necessity: 4/5

Naked2 Palette

Universality: 4/5
Great value: 3/5
Necessity: 2/5

The Naked2 Palette has not only sold out in a matter of weeks but it is all anyone on the beauty blogosphere is talking about.  The Naked 2 palette has a total of 12 naturally nude nuances in taupe and grey tones prefect for highlighting all skin tones. Selling at a whopping $50 a pop, this is by far one of the more high end palettes and not your garden variety 88 Color Ebay Palettes. I would dare to say though, that you get a lot more bang for your buck with those. 
Does it get the job done? I would tell you to decide for yourself, but the masses have swarmed and Urban Decay is fresh out. We'll just have to wait and see. Meanwhile there are plenty of YouTube tutorials out there featuring the pigment-rich compact.

ForeverYours0727 is hosting a limited giveaway of two palettes. If you're lucky, you might just snag one.


DiamondsAndHeels14 (about 90,000 subscribers)
Sincerity: 2/5
Likeability: 2/5
Voice: 2/5

Cassandra tends to do her research and talks about a wide range of topics. Her main goal seems to be to climb to the top of the YouTube ranks as she talks about rating grabbing topics and self promotes to a certain extent.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I Love Gerardo (about 75,000 subscribers)
Helpfulness: 3/4
Entertainment value: 2/5
Unique styles: 4/5

Iris is a YouTuber that has skyrocketed in subscribers in recent months. Her penchant for having celebrity inspired looks has certainly helped her in her ratings. Even taking advantage of the late Elizabeth Taylor's death to score viewers on her channel. She mainly dabbles in hair tutorials. She has an impressive mane which doesn't hurt when almost all of her tutorials involve heating, twisting and puller at her hair within an inch of its life. She does show us every step in her tutorials and her content flow is pretty steady.


AndreasChoice: (536,000+ subscribers)
Helpfulness: 3/5
Genuineness: 4/5
Quirkiness: 4/5

Not only has she been blessed with a sultry look all her own she has the makeup skills to accentuate her God given exotic looks. She often does tip videos about fashion, makeup and beauty.  Definitely one of the more popular YouTubers out there and it's no coincidence. She comes off as being genuine and delivering straight to the point and concise tutorials with a girl next door personality.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Aleexandraaxo (80,000 subscribers)
Entertainment value: 1/5
Genuineness: 4/5
Helpfulness: 3/5

AlexandraAxo would probably appeal to a younger audience. Her looks are often timid and her sense of style is what would be expected of the 17 year old. She lacks a bit of vest that you would think she would possess being that her popularity has opened countless doors for her. She is charming though and her candid approach really makes her relateable. 

Kandee Johnson

Kandeejohnson (ca. 750,000 subscribers)
Budget: 2/5
Genuineness: 3/5
Content frequency: 4/5

This YouTuber / Blogger has a cult following and nearly 400 videos to show for her two years on YouTube. Kandee Johnson's popularity will never be attained by most gurus out there. She is a product queen though and is often doing reviews and looks that might break the bank for just one look. These Violent Lips for example cost $15 a pack. She does release video content more often than you'd think for a woman of her fame.


Genuineness: 4/5
Voice: 1/4
Delusional: 4/5

This YouTuber means well and is constantly spreading the love. Her attempts at climbing to the top of the Hollywood ladder haven't panned out as yet, but that doesn't stop her for auditioning for such reality shows as My Strange Addiction on TLC where she told the world that her vice was a tanning bed.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

FleurDeForce (ca. 210,000 subscribers)
Genuineness: 4/5
Voice: 4/5
Style: 3/5
By far one of the more refreshing faces of YouTube. Sleek & young sense of style with a mixture of glam and girl-next-door hair and makeup. This look totally hit the mark for festive yet refined look.


Juicystar07: (about 910,000 subscribers)
Genuineness: 2/5
Helpfulness: 3/5
Voice: 1/5
She is one of the main style gurus that might be dropped simply because of the exhausted nature of her voice.
You might want tips and tricks from someone who doesn't sound like they've been crying before. The only other thing more annoying than the tone of her voice is the speed of her of her blatant product plugging.