Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kimye West - Kim and Kanye are dating

Kanye has been sniffing around Kim Kardashian in the media for years, claiming she is the perfect woman for him. Inviting her on exclusive trips to his business ventures, including a failed puppet show, where Kim bit the bullet and didn't take herself seriously for once.

Well, it's official that these two are dating. Yes, Kanye is taking on yet another stunner, but this time she has her own money. Unlike Amber though, Kim lacks in the integrity department. We all know Kanye has said in the past that he would love to marry a porn star, and apparently Kim K. is the closest thing he could find. We all know Kanye is no virgin to indecent exposure himself so these two are a match made in coital heaven.

Listen to Kanye's love proclamation in his record, "Theraflu" where he says “I admit I fell in love with Kim / around same time she had fell in love with him”.