Saturday, January 28, 2012

Girl Power 2012

Mel B was spotted this weekend shopping at none other than Chanel sporting a fabulous new look. The singer dropped a jaw-dropping 20+ lbs since she delivered her baby girl Madison last September. She was soon snapped up by weight loss giant Jenny Craig Australia/New Zealand to be their spokesperson for the coming year. They certainly feel no shame in taking credit for all the hard work this fierce and determined mom put in at the gym.

We're pretty sure though that Mel lost all that weight to be in fighting form for a top secret reunion in the works for 2012. No, she and Eddie aren't getting back together for more secret hotel rendezvous. It's a SPICE GIRLS reunion! It has been kept heavily under wraps for a few months now, with rumors swirling, but kept unanswered. Mel let it slip on the Aussie tv show Sunrise that the girl troupe are back on for upcoming shows this year, including the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert in London.

The fact that they were able to resurrect and convince Posh Spice, aka the very enviable Victoria Beckham, to reunite with women whose combined net worth she outshines is unfathomable. Victoria has never been much of a dancer or performer. Plus, she does not need the money, as I am sure Sport Spice definitely might. So, what is tempting this formidable socialite and fashion icon out of musical retirement? She herself has recently had a child, and she made it a point to not be photographed during that "awkward and embarrassing" point in her life. A woman so body-conscious and self aware should certainly think twice about attempting to publicly hold a note and even so much as two-step. They are all expect to wear their signature looks that reflect their personalities and personas from back in the day. If it all wasn't enough already for Posh to consider jumping from the nearest ledge. Scary Spice on the other hand is looking forward to lacing up her platforms and showing the world what an almost 40-year-old dose of girl power looks like.

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