Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bobbi Kristelina

Bobbi pulls an Angelina.
Nope, she's not bulimic, but it does relate to her possibly throwing up... at least she should when she realizes what she is doing. Whitney's baby girl has been in an unusual, co-dependent relationship with her pseudo-adopted brother Nick Gordon since her tragic loss just last month.

While incest is the opportune word, we have to remember that this 19-year-old heiress is not related to her new love interest by blood, but maybe they are after all related through grief.
The only explanation I see here is that she has always had a crush on this boy and finally he sees something in her and it rhymes every bit with ka-ching. He certainly holds and shares many fond memories of better days with momma Whitney which are invaluable at this time for little Krissy. Although Nick released a statement today saying their relationship is platonic, he is no doubt working a different angle on home turf. This especially since he found out that he was not mentioned in the will. The only person I feel for in this situation is mother Cissy Houston, who has spawned offspring that have chosen less than desirable paths in life despite all well-intended efforts. If there is a void, they will fill it with something more readily available and potent, no matter how many churches you parade them around in from birth.

Word of advice Bobbi, RUN and hide your money... I might know of a very inconspicuous bank account, fyi. Stay away from the spot light... oh, and never work with Oprah again. That woman has never been more self-righteous ever in life than she was in that interview special.

“We’re just close — just going through her mom’s passing and grieving together.” - Nick Gordon

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lohan is Porsche Posh in Hit and Run

Lindsay Lohan loves to give back to the community. When she's not donning a tangerine jumpsuit helping clean up California motorways, she does her part by cleaning up after the party.
The ever thoughtful Lindsay Lohan decided last night that clearing the streets of shady club managers is worth risking her probation.

The renewed redhead has gotten tangled up in a hit and run accident, which left the manager of the Hookah Lounge dubiously hurt. 
Only after finding out that Lindsay was the one behind the wheel as she peeled out of the club parking lot, is when the 26 year old laid claim to injury. When the coppers showed up, LiLo conveniently found herself in the passenger's seat, despite the swarming paparazzi's shutterbugging away.

Will this destroy her probation? What does this even mean for her new roll as Liz Taylor? Seems like we need to be making a movie about Lohan's life instead... but the chapters never seem to come to an end.

Trickery in switching seats: F and a 1/2
Insisting on driving yourself after partying: F
Being typical: A+

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