Friday, January 20, 2012

Stupid Video, Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj just released her music video for her possibly self-titled single "Stupid Hoe". It sounded educational enough, so I checked it out. She's done hinting at her massive rear end these days and is flat-out pushing it in our faces.
The design and aesthetic aspects were out-there. Lots of visuals, color and beautiful fashion concepts. The biggest feature of her look were bold and in your face lipsticks with her overwrought and fully fledged eyelashes. Leopard print was running rampant from her body art to her Antonio Berardis.
The lyrics were warmed up from her previous hits. Her sleezy prowling around in a cage reminded us more of Lil' Kim back in the day minus that little shred of self respect.
If she starts licking herself though, it might be time to put this Barb-cat down. I am a fan, but this one was a mistake, Nicki baby. Hype Williams used too many flashes of light to trick us into believing we were watching something interesting and dynamic.
Rating: Her quips were weak, her song was repetitive and I didn't understand how the video related to it, as usual.
Was she the stupid h*e for letting them talk her into this?

We recommend a more nude toned lipstick for Nicki in the future. We've never seen such abuse of dry, pastel lipsticks in our lives


  1. a good review. if anything, you were too kind. both nicki and hype williams should be shamed!


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