Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Khloe snags a dad

Good for her! or Publicity Stunt?
Khloe K.O. has since the beginning held on to Robert Kardashian being her biological father, despite convincing interviews from his exes and the obvious phenotypical evidence to the contrary.

Now Khloe has seen the light and I am sure, a definitive paternity test. Her father has now been confirmed as being non other than Alex Roldan. Kris Jenner's former hairstylist throughout the '80's and '90's. The website Hollywoodite might be the linchpin in getting this long awaited family connection to happen, as they had the good sense to do some digging and compare photographs of the two.

This not only gives Khloe a father figure in her life after the devastating loss and lifelong grieving over Robert. It gives Khloe a new family member to love amid the divorces and struggle with conceiving her own child.

I am not sure if this brings hope for Khloe's disposition improving or not, along with her cynical attitude, but this will certainly improve her self-esteem. Kris Jenner's keeping Khloe away from her father, even after the death of her "step-in" dad Robert, is unfathomable. K.O. does not seem to mind though, as she is all smiles in this unconventional family portrait despite the shame the characterless Jenner has brought on her family.