Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Get a whiff of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, now 42, hasn't hung up her perfumer hat as of yet. The 1/4 actress, 1/4 singer, 1/2 opportunist is launching a new fragrance to fill the world's nostrils with. The perfume, prosaically titled Glowing, plays of her one-time successful fragrance Glo by JLo.

The former Mrs. Anthony is quick to point out that this new scent is a more mature version of her first release. Her newest creative direction even utilizes a built in novelty feature as the atomizer glows when you press it. I get it now, so grown up and mature. Oh, and so kid-friendly too. Honestly, if that doesn't get an inquisitive child to unintentionally spray themselves in the eyes I don't know what will.

 “Glowing is such a clean fragrance,” Lopez told Women’s Wear Daily. “That’s what I’ve always been about. I like soapy, clean smells." Considering her recent lecherous extramarital affair with boy-toy Casper Smart I can see why she opted for a more purifying fragrance choice. Too bad though that no matter how many bottles of Glowing she goes through in a day, nothing will wash away all the shame of 2011. Deserting her infant twins to go indulge a younger man with expensive trips and gifts is by far the most ignorant rerun of Britney Spears I have ever seen.

So what does JLo really smell like these days?

"This is a very woodsy scent. So it’s not exactly what I created 10 years ago — it’s the evolution of that. At the essence, it’s still natural, earthy, clean and real, but a little different side of that. It’s the woodsy side of it, which I think is kind of New York-y, darker and sexier.” - Jennifer Lopez

Right, nothing says nature, clean or woodsy quite like New York City. Perfect inductive reasoning from a savvy business woman. I can only imagine the respect she must command from her employees at JLo Co, strutting into her boardroom to display the scent's promotional photo. The HBIC herself, stark naked and soaking wet for all to see, with her tumultuous personal life being equally as in your face and unscrupulous. You have to admit though, with her career choices, from her recent tenure at American Idol as a judge, raking in up to $20 million per season, clothing line Sweetface, and marginal recognition in both music and film, JLo can stretch a talent-less penny like no other.

JLo and Casper, Valentine's Day 2012