Monday, January 23, 2012

Break a leg, Kardashian
She may be one of the biggest con-artists in reality television history, but Kim Kardashian is willing to lay down her life for fashion. She was spotted on her way to the NY restaurant Cipriani's along with friend Jonathan Cheban, whom she staged a falling out with on this season on Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Rocking platform Louboutin pumps, a studded leather trench coat with a Birkin bag close in tow, Kim Kardashian showed us what being rich and unaware of your surroundings looks like.  If it all wasn't ridiculous enough, she chose to shield her delicate eyes from flashing paparazzi cameras with black aviator sunglasses that night.
Sold out Versace for H&M
Her bare legs only put icing on this towering cake of superficiality. If this is her approach to winter in January, it explains her nasally and adolescent way of speaking. This poor girl is constantly congested yet she still makes the sacrifice of stringing words and inveracities together for the relentless viewers of her hit E! shows. She is a trooper and a definite Armenian-American hero, with the bad ass wardrobe to match.

Here's her most recent attempt to fool the public. Weeping over the impending dissolution of her marriage which lasted a mere 72 days. She tried last week to fool the public into thinking she was having marital trouble on her Dubai trip and staged a filming of a conversation with her mother appearing to take place in the shopping capital of the Middle East. Low and behold that scene was really shot in a studio in the States. More on that story here; in the meantime, drink in this poor attempt at an Oscar winning performance.

I wonder if she has a pay-per-tear clause in her contract. We all know she's a charitable money grubber.

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  1. Only a complete fool would fall for the reformed porn star's act.


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