Wednesday, January 4, 2012

FHM: Paris Hilton

Looking like a stray from the Red Light District at 4am, Ms. Hilton has, according to her, garnered over $1 billion in revenue from her perfume line alone since 2005. Paris Hilton's latest undertaking is scoring the cover of FHM.

The granddaughter of a hotel tycoon, the fame craving Paris Hilton is once again showing us what we never asked to see.

No, not another mind-numbing reality show. She is stripping down and showing us her respectable, business woman side in the latest issue of the magazine.

With plans to open restaurants, gyms, bars and adding to her 35 stores, it seems slightly off that a woman like her might not even be considered appropriate enough to bus the tables on a slow Tuesday at her own establishment.

Sex-appeal: 1/5
Business sense: 3/5
Making her family proud: 1/5

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