Saturday, January 7, 2012

Haute Meal: Couture Breakfast

Breakfast just got a little classier.
You better look presentable before even thinking about diving into the fashion world's latest attempt at highway robbery: The glam foodie blog, Sip, Chat, Chow's
Couture Cereal.
There are a lot of brands to choose from. You've got
Burberry Flakes, Cartier Crunch, Gucci Loops, Chanel Cocos and Louis Vuitton Charms.

First Versace turns to H&M for help and now this.

Sip, Chat, Chow's New York restaurant selections seem to have menus to fit all wallets and schedules, serving around the clock, with many celebrity guests.
No need to stray far though. Anyone can create these delectible treats. Just take an already tasty cereal, eyelash-glue a fancy label on the box and voila!
I have to admit though, they're kinda cute. 

New Collectors' Item: You betcha
Probable difference in taste: 0
Coming to a store near you: Don't hold your breath

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