Friday, March 2, 2012

Odom: "Now we're up in the D-Leagues..."

Lamar Odom certainly isn't "movin' on up to the east side" in any sense of the word. It is starting to feel more like the D-Leagues in Texas, as the Mavericks have not been able to jell the newly traded basketball player with his new team since coldly being traded late last year.

Odie has gone from Lakers to Mavericks and now he's practically "little league". The poor guy has clearly been affected by that horrible disease known as "the Kardashians". Khlomydia was merciless as it ravaged this man's multi-million dollar career in under two years. His management is however attributing this downgrade to the effect the NBA lock-out, his adjusting to new surroundings and his elderly father's stricken state have had on him. They also added that they hope to see him return in full form shortly.

"I've had some luck lately..."
Downgrading your husband from winning the first gold in years for the U.S. at the FIBA World Championships and contracts with major fitness conglomerates to practically being the janitor is no small feat. We have Khloe's unrelenting reality show filming schedule and immaculate ball crushing genes to thank for it. Credit is also due to his newly found passion for being a make-shift socialite's husband on Cable television. He chose his poison. Though it won't be all bad. The team's owner, Mark Cuban, says according to TMZ "[he] needs to get in great shape and then rejoin the Mavs... D-League is rehab". I am sure his annual $8.9 million salary still stands, if that's any consolation. With any luck that will tide his label-loving wife, Khloe, over for two months or so. How ever will they manage?
This public humiliation and ego-crushing lambasting must be some sort of hazing for their new teammate... or at least payback for willingly parading and sullying his brand all over television.

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