Tuesday, February 21, 2012

He shoots, SHE scores

Kobe Bryant has been carelessly dribbling his significant other's heart for years and there is only so much one woman can take. Bryant and the mother of his two little girls, Vanessa, are in the middle of a divorce stand off. It is all up to the Mrs. if she chooses to go through with the termination of their ten year marriage. The couple has been estranged for some time and this Laker's wife stands to rake in no less than $75 million if she pulls the trigger. The $4 million "I'm sorry" ring three years back was just a down payment, it seems.

Is heartbreak really worth that much money? Is it even fair to Kobe? Maybe she should have known what comes with the lifestyle and considered it the price to pay for being upgraded from Mundane Jane to Class A Kept Wife, through no effort of your own. It is ultimately Kobe's fault for abandoning the vows they swore to uphold and not to mention for not signing a prenuptial agreement. I guess he took too many balls to the head and wasn't thinking clearly. He is currently buying his wife everything under the sun, according to TMZ, in an effort to get back in her good graces. Can't say I feel sorry for him.

Trashy groupies too hard to deny?
Well, kiss your millions good-bye.

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