Monday, January 16, 2012

Beyonce, Lighter than Ever

Beyoncé Knowles has sparked attention for her skin lightening efforts in the past. Her skin tone always seems to return to normal after a few months, but take a look at the newest promotional release for the relaunching of her 2011 album "4".

Sure she's retouched, but that's not all that's off. This photo was taken of course before her pregnancy and deliver of daughter Blue Ivy in January 2012. She seems to have dropped a bit more color than just her first born as she definitely seems at least "4" shades lighter than normal here.

Feb. 2011
When I first saw her emerge from her home in February 2011 in those blue Louboutins looking like Mariah Carey in a black minidress I was disturbed. However, I've since reasoned that it was probably done for another cosmetic purpose. Hear me out.
Loreal Campaign August 2008
There is a procedure called laser hair removal that removes unwanted hair from the extremities, back and all over really. As the laser attacks melanin found in the hair and naturally in the skin darker skin tones, which have higher concentrations of melanin, suffer severe skin burns. I figured she wanted to get the skin as light as possible in order to do a simple and permanent procedure once but now I begin to wonder what creative direction Beyoncé is headed in.

Close to normal tone
If she is reinventing herself and deciding to go in the direction of a blonde pin-up vixen with creme toned skin, be our guests but don't do it like it's the most natural thing in the world or as if we won't notice. It was long been rumored that her father encouraged Beyoncé to lighten her skin so that she would always be noticed as the lightest member of the group. With those values burned into her head it might be hard to erase them. Her tummy-tuck, hair weaves, nose job and common-place fakeness [nails, makeup, corsets, lashes, etc] that we women put on now and again are one thing, but lightening your skin is another.

What skin tone someone wants to be is their own business. With the sudden emergence of the new orange race, people have had to get tolerant quick. Showing tolerance for their terracotta hands and stains left behind on your furniture.
Beyonce, just keep it real and don't change a thing. If you're doing it for us or doing it for more acceptance or world-wide reach, then forget about it. Whether you're using the new skin lightening pills on the market, the new secretive and exclusive skin lightening spas sprouting up all over the country or the creams, it's still hazardous to your health.
If you're not lightening your skin again, then please pay people to Photoshop you that actually know what you look like and should remotely resemble at the end.


  1. Wow I never even noticed that.

  2. How can you say Beyonce would purposely make her skin color lighter? Plenty of people have skin tones that change during the course of the year. In the summer some people have darker skin tones whereas in the winter they have lighter skin tones. If anything the photo was photoshopped for creative purposes. Beyonce has no reason to try to lighten her skin. Who's to say she didn't just tan her skin in her younger Destiny's Child days? If you're going to say she does this you're going to have to evaluate pretty much every other woman of color.


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