Sunday, January 15, 2012

Politics and Fashion?

We thought only Michelle Obama's fashion was getting media attention but not anymore.
Jason Wu,
The campaign fashion is getting some time in the limelight now as a part of President Obama's sly secret campaigning.
Fashion baroness Anna Wintour of Vogue USA has reached out to designers like Beyonce, Marc Jacobs, Sean John, Vera Wang, Diane von Furstenberg and 15+ others to design Obama campaign merchandise. Of course they're over-priced, but the worse part is that most of them are just plain pouches and bags with a sticker pasted on them. If these designers were paid, there is injustice in this world.
Most of the designs are in fact grade school and thrown together. Check out the store to see them all.
If the President is going to appeal to the fashion lovers by attaching a bunch of designers' names to some give-away-quality items, then he's a smarter man than we thought. I mean people buy TERRIBLE clothing just because of the label all the time, so I guess they'll probably vote that way too.

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