Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's Beyoncé again: L'Oreal commercial

Beyoncé's newest L'Oréal commerical has just hit. L'Oréal has been releasing behind the scenes footage and teasers for the commercials for weeks and the real thing is now ready for the world to see. A seemingly pregnant  Beyoncé is giving us an intimate atmosphere where we get to see her newly flawless skin, thanks to L'Oréal. To be honest, I was bored and her random use of a deep, manly voice didn't entertain me one bit. The behind the scenes stuff was much more interesting, where  Beyoncé talked about her food temptations while passing by the buffet table on set and joking with an interviewer about her terrible French accent. B is a big ticket item and I'm sure it cost millions to get her to sit on that cold hard floor for hours, so I don't blame them for releasing as much material as they could to recoup some of the moola. The least you can do though is make the final product dynamic or at least thought-provoking and fresh.

As you can probably see in the thumbnail to the video, Beyoncé's heritage is listed as being African American, Native American and French. Her skin tone here is also very light and exaggerated by her honey blonde weave. It seems as if every time Knowles works with L'Oréal, a Paris based cosmetics company, they try to redefine who she is and put a more exotic, or let's face it, less African half of the American spin on things. They also used this same concept with Aimee Mullins whose heritage was a group of European ones, but let's face it, Beyoncé's team knows what they are doing. They are certainly trying to paint a much different picture of Beyonce than we've been used to so that she can be perceived in a certain way.
The cosmetic line is about there being over 30 shades of foundation so that no skin tone is left out. At this rate Beyoncé might have use for all 33 shades with a the tone-shifting she keeps doing.
They could've given Beyoncé a shade number or something like that, where she introduced herself as that weird number, like "Hi, my name is True Match 97" or something. That would've helped Beyoncé step away from some of the race-identity based critique she has had in the past working with L'Oréal.
I think this YouTube comment said it best:
"french beyonce? native american? girl...i guess you are after all of the surgery. carry on. there was nothing wrong with you being african american.": latai1983
I think she and her team are welcoming it all and it sure gives them more exposure as people work themselves into a frenzy about it.


  1. It sounds like people are buying into the one drop of Black blood makes you black which was created and used by whites to oppress...why are we more prejudice to one another than whites are to blacks?

  2. Its not that we are more prejudice to one another...its just as time went on heritage has changed. From "I am a powerful black woman" to "o I'm some black, some native and some French" is crazy. She was happy to be black before, now she has to move herself away from the culture she was so extremely happy to stand up for before. If you look back her weave is getting lighter and lighter and so is her skin tone.


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