Thursday, January 26, 2012

House of Rihanna

Our favorite Caribbean train wreck Rihanna is set to become the executive producer of a Project Runway-like series in Britain focused on finding new fashion talent. With a reputation for wearing little more than a bathing suit and nail polish, Rihanna is considered a major force in celebrity fashion, setting such trends as... Well anyway, she has made the raggamuffin look her own, where she blends in with the local crazies seamlessly.

Her latest contribution to fashion are these low heeled shoes with tape measure winding up her legs. Whether it us custom couture or just an art project of her own devising is unclear. With all fairness, Rihanna has become a victim of label-whoredom, donning these Christian LouBoutin tape measure sandals that are just a fashion disaster of any era. However, this is who Britain is putting their trust in to find a ground breaking designer who will change the face of the fashion industry as we know it... oh, and to bring in cheap Rihanna fan based ratings.

These photos were taken in L.A. where Rihanna recently tattooed her knuckles with the words Thug Life in the same way as Tupac famously did in the '90's. It has not been verified if the tattoo is temporary or not, but if this is how Rihanna is treating her own body, I can only imagine what her music career will look like in 5 years. How she associates herself with thuggin' is beyond me, considering she has been in the music industry since her teens and been sheltered and programmed by her label since then. At the end of the show's season, the winning designer will get to design a stage costume for Rihanna. I am sure all their creative input will be closely considered then edited, then modified, and taken over by Rihanna's own costume designers before the tour actually kicks off.

Definitely permanent

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  1. Rihanna is crazy. She is a risk taker and I wish her well in her new venture.


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