Wednesday, January 25, 2012

*Red* our lips, Louboutin!

He may be a king of the fashion world, but Christian Louboutin is turning himself into a court jester these days. The shoe designer is fighting tooth and nail for trademark rights to his red-soled shoes. Dragging his close friend and president of the CFDA, Dian Von Furstenberg into court for moral support and muscle power. His claims to the intellectual property were rendered invalid by Judge Victor Marrero last August, but Louboutin just can not take no for an answer. Now three judges are presiding over his case to determine whether or not to overrule Marrero's verdict.

His bloated ego is out of control and it may be too late to bring him back to earth. Getting exclusive rights to a particular color is so nonsensical that I can't believe his "friends" *enablers* haven't tried to stop him. His shoes are already some of the most expensive on the market; not to mention the hardest to find a matching outfit for. People aren't only paying for the design of shoes, no. The are paying for that flashing red neon sign that says, "My shoe collection is worth more than your car and your husband's." so that they can have a sense of purpose in the world by being better than everyone else.

If these ladies want to pay for their modern day baboon butts, go right ahead. But know one thing: Whether you are wearing rip of Louboutins or real ones, most people won't be able to tell the difference. The ones who can't afford them are probably the people who you want to be envious of you. People who can think of smarter ways to use a small fortune, instead of using them to sprain their ankles and step in gum.

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