Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jennifer marries Casper Smart

In the most public mid-life crisis ever, Jennifer Lopez has married no good heathen, Casper Smart or as he's now known, That Lucky Bastard. J. Lo, like every woman, wants to marry a man on par with herself, and that can only leave one to wonder what class of person Jennifer Lopez takes herself for.

Proving once and for all that her love really doesn't cost a thing, along with her self-respect, J.Lo tied the knot on a yacht in Me-heco without any guests or gifts in sight. Casper's love is a bit more pricy however, as he made out like a villain with a sweet pre-nup setting him up with $1 million/year for the next ten years. Not bad for a back up dancer with a high school diploma.

At first glance, you may think these two have nothing in common, but you couldn't be farther from the truth. CLEARLY, these two like sunbathing, sunglasses and spending Jen's money. Not to mention their love of dancing, both starting out as backup dancers. J.Lo climbing to the top based on talent(?) and Casper sleeping his way to a big payday. Or was it the other way around? Point is, The Friendly Ghost is planning on adopting Jennifer's twins with Marc Anthony, adding another similarity to the list. They're both egotistically pig-headed. Casper certainly lives up to his ghostly namesake as Lopez never detected him swiping her coins before it was too late.

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