Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beyoncé 1st, Mom 2nd

Blue Ivy was so last season. You're excited about your gifts at first, but after a while they just get plain boring, especially after you never really carried them in the first place. But I digress, Beyoncé has made the hardest decision any new mother has to make, heading back into the work force. This only ten weeks after giving birth to her first and only child, Notorious B.I.C.
Boo peeked out  from her hide-out last night to attend Michelle Obama's election fund-raiser event in NYC where money was raised well into the millions. She was joined by her lovely mother, who remarkably looked even more stunning than her two daughters.

Without a stitch of post baby weight to be seen, Beyoncé strutted past fans who waited for hours in the cold to see her. Yes, that's the Beyonce we remember; her vacation is officially over. Starting May 24th, Bey Bey will be headlining three consecutive concerts at the new Revel Casino in Atlantic City. The star also makes her live come-back on memorial day weekend, so she has to get in tip top shape and baby Blue just doesn't fit into her busy schedule.
Knowles is planning on taking one final hiatus before getting back on her daily grind though. She has planned an over-the-top yoga-based retreat to Tuscany with gal-pal Gwyneth Paltrow. What those two have in common, the world may never know.

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