Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Being Bobby Brown

Self proclaimed Bad Boy Bobby Brown really stepped in it this time. Mr. Prerogative put the pedal to the metal while intoxicated this past weekend alerting the fuzz in the first place by blabbing in his cell phone. B^4 is awaiting trial for his substance-fueled escapades through the streets of L.A. All this comes on the heels of his ex-wife's coroner's report deeming the singer's death an accidental drowning.

Clearly no man can tame the strong-willed and decisive Whitney Houston, but this incident is a good example of how Bobby's bad habits may have taken over that relationship and in the end, claimed Whitney's life. Even with Whitney being laid to rest, this heathen still can't fly right. He may be a habitual lose, but he should be in mourning. Mourning over the drug abuse he encouraged for years and being left out in the cold, emotionally and financially, by Bobbi Kristina. We can only hope that he was picked up a belated birthday present for his first born daughter and an apology letter to boot.

This whole thing brings to mind Bobby's comment in an episode of Being Bobby Brown.
He gets arrested all the time because he is D.W.B., Driving While Bobby. Enough said.

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