Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stud quota met?

Studs are making a come back in popular fashion. Since 2010 we've seen more and more studs and spikes creeping into the fashion collections of Sam Edelman, Christian Louboutin and countless others. As a matter of fact, Louboutin's pre-spring/summer 2012 collection features two show-stopper pumps in gold and brown. Check them out on Vogue's UK website. They're excellent for a cocktail party and are the perfect accessory during any downtown mugging.
There is a point though that you draw the line when it comes to metal adornments whether you get them in a store or attach them yourself.

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When your foot wear looks like it's contracted some horrific disease and is more suitable for the pages of Gray's Anatomy than a fashion magazine, you might have gone overboard.
The point of the spike is to show that you're a badass and to give you a bit of an edge, but these shoes are a travesty. The Barbie heads are a charming touch as well.

Screams: Bride of Chucky, messed up childhood and too much free time

Better examples of stud/spike usage:


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