Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blue Ivy Carter

Beyonce has belted out the biggest note of her career.
The pop superstar delivered her first child, a girl, Blue Ivy Carter last night.

The baby was healthy bundle of joy delivered via cesarean section at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York city. A far cry away from Beyonce's native Texas.
Don't expect to see any photos anytime soon though. The entire hospital staff was on lock-down, having to turn in their cell phones, with beefed up security for those pesky fans wishing her well.

I say, 5/5 for aww-factor and a 3/5 for the name choice. Maybe they should named the baby Bleu to play up Beyoncé's Creole heritage. All in all a huge congratulations to the new parents!

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  1. I'm happy it was a girl!! I agree I'm not so sure about that name, but I love Beyonce so I'll let it slide haha


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