Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nazis need earrings too

How far would you go for fashion? A profound stink has been made over the New York store Bejeweled in Brooklyn over a suspicious looking pair of earrings.

Now to be fair they would be a pair of shurikens or something for stylish ninjas. Actually this is a Tibetan Buddhism symbol for eternity. This symbol though was infamously used by the Nazi party and minted a swastika.

There are calling it anti-Semitic. They're calling it an outrage. Store owner Young Kim (great name) doesn't get the uproar, stating that this symbol doesn't carry the same connotation in Asia as the rest of the world. When I think of the Nazis I don't automatically think of anti-Semitism so much as general HATE, stupidity and lack of empathy. Everyone should be offended by what they stand for and the fact that they tainted a religious symbol along their destructive path is unfortunate.

I think the store owner has a valid point, but since the sudden rash of anti-Semitic incidents in Manhattan and Brooklyn since October this is a hot button topic at the moment. Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer demanded the removal of the earrings from the store all together.
Not quite sure it it's his jurisdiction or even his business but it's probably for the best.

Fashion wise: they're plain, boring and will probably turn your ear green

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